Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

the more I think about the disaster in Myanmar and the earthquake in China, the more I think about Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth".

It's a really scary movie to watch, the scariest part is you know deep down Gore is telling the truth. We're slowly killing our self by polluting the environment. While earthquakes have nothing to do with global warming, cyclones do. The tornadoes and cyclones/typhoons are just going to get worst. Droughts would be longer. We'll have less rainfall in large crop growing areas. The worldwide food crisis is going to get worst.

Many people are going to starve to death. Fuel prices would continue to rise and soon Malaysia will be a net importer of petroleum. If you think inflation is high now, 10 years from now it would be so high most Malaysians would not be able to afford to drive anymore. We won't have to worry about building the second Penang Bridge as traffic would be less. The government should instead invest more in public transport.

I wish the Malaysian government invested more in researching alternative energy sources. Ethanol has been proven to be bad for the environment. The crops we are growing is now being used as fuel instead of feeding people. We must learn how to harness our hydro and solar power. There must a huge social restructuring of how we use energy. The shift from petroleum, gas and coal must take place now before it is too late.

We can make a change for the better, we just have to get started. If only everyone knew the urgency of the situation.

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