Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Portable Hard Disk corrupt

Yesterday, I was editing on the AVID system at work. I use this huge 1TB portable Maxtor Hard Disk. It must weigh about 5KGs. Anyway, half way through the editing, I accidentally drag the OMFI Mediafiles folder into another folder. Usually, you can just undo it but I think the folder was so large in size (500G), there was a file error. The whole folder got corrupted.

The data wasn't missing as the total Hard Disk size said there was still 500G of data used. I defragment it and it still didn't find the data. I brought it home and downloaded EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard. It takes a very long time to just scan the file directory.

Its got another 3 hours plus to go and its raining now... that means the thunderstorm might trip the power in my house, and when the power goes I have to start all over again! Shit!

I hope the thunderstorm doesn't get too close to my house.

If this fails, all the stuff I ingested for the last month is gone. I'll have to ingest everything again, that's like 30 tapes I think. This better work!

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