Friday, June 27, 2008


I was sitting back looking at my monitor wondering what else I haven't installed on my PC. I got everything running already as it was before.

I looked around and I saw a CD on my side table, it was Call of Duty 4. It was a game I put of installing for a long time. Since I didn't have any games on my PC, I thought okay... lets see if this new NVIDIA drivers work any better on the Vista with a new game.

COD4 is shooter game. I enjoyed playing COD2 a lot (COD3 was only on Playstation I think, no PC version). COD2 was based in WW2. COD4 is now set in modern day warfare in the middle east and eastern europe. Quite fun shooting up bad guys.

After a few hours of shooting people, hearing grenades exploding and dying and reincarnating a few times I realized something. I understand why the Buddhist don't want to reincarnate anymore. It's just so frustrating. I get shot, I die... I run back to the exact same point I got shot and get shot and die again. This process repeats itself numerous times until I finally shoot the bugger who's been drilling numerous bullet holes into me in my previous life.

After dying one last time, I quit the game and left it at that for today. So leaving the game is kind of like Nirvana. There is no more existence. No battles to fight. I get to leave the PC and go do other stuff like... play with my nephew and niece. At that point, you got to ask yourself, what is the point of it all? Why go through the hassle and stress of killing these polygons and spend so much time completing these tasks in the game? What tangible benefits (karma) do I bring outside when I step away from my PC? I'll just be all psyched out from all the shooting and bombings. Better to cultivate good Karma instead.

I don't think I can play this COD4 longer than an hour. I just don't have the patience anymore to shoot animated people. Now I just want to listen to some music, watch some podcast and play with photoshop.

I like watching photoshop tutorials and editing photos now. Much more peaceful. Currently playing around with the black and white settings. I like seeing how some photos look like with a tinge of sepia.

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