Friday, June 06, 2008

Seeding Life

If you ever read the "Hitchiker's Guide To Life" series, you'll know the book is basically about the search for the question to 42. A large super computer comes up with the answer to The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. They never found out the ultimate question to it though, which would give meaning to 42. Earth turns out to be a giant experiment created by aliens to find out this ultimate question. A girl does come up with the question and just as she was about the place a phone call to ask the question, the earth gets destroyed.

Sometimes I wonder, what if the ultimate question actually occurred to me. Today, was such an instance.

Today, I was driving back to the office in the rain thinking to myself when the thought seeped into my mind. It wasn't a drive I had to take if I didn't make a silly mistake today. I had gone to UIA in Gombak for an interview in a colleague's car think how lucky I was as I didn't have to pay for the fuel as it was a long drive. After the interview, I returned to the office in another colleague's car. Only when I reached my office did I realize I forgot to get back my IC from the UIA's guard house. I had to make another return trip in my own car which took an hour both ways. It was on the return trip that something occurred to me.

I was listening to the radio and it was a Public Service Announcement about the environment. The announcer said this was the only planet we have. I thought, hey... there are probably a lot more planets out there a million light years away that we can colonize. We just won't live long enough to see the results. Assuming we haven't mastered the technology of faster than light travel or teleportation, we're never going to colonize another planet similar to earth fast enough so we can see the fruit's of our results. By the time we do get there, life on earth would have already extinguished.

I imagined that by the time if we do send living settlers in a large spaceship, by the time they do reach the planet, they would have evolved into another creature that we won't be able to call humans. If we have put them into statis form, it might work but then it would still be too risky to send something so far for over such a long period of time, we could be talking million of years here, anything could go wrong.

I thought the solution would be this, we would send asteroids out that are seeded with the basic cocktails to start life. Some amino acids stored inside some asteroids or chemicals that were similar to how life started on earth. We'll shoot a lot of these asteroids out to space and hopefully, they'll fall on a new planet similar to earth and after a few million years... humans will appear on it.

That led me to another thought... what if that was what happened to us... what if life on earth was the result on another planet's dominant species seeding life on this planet? What if somewhere out there, is another planet, similar to us with creatures almost similar to humans waiting for us to evolve so that we can develope space travel and then contact them back?

What if we are the result of a planet colonization program? The end result of our destiny is to develope space travel technology or deep space communication tools so we can reach back to our creators and confirm the success of their colonization program.

Or, it could be that, they just wanted to continue life. Our creators were part of an endless string of life seeding programs that span millions of years over millions of planets. Each planet in the string evolves to the point they can seed life on another planet and 'pro-create'.

So the planet in itself becomes a huge living being mass, its society serving as one large sentient being for the planet. Even though each individual on the planet is also a sentient being, this large sentient being feels the need to pro-create and seeds out life to other planets.

Ever seen how plants just want to pro-create? Everything on this planet is about the continuation of life... life will find a way to continue. It will find ways to multiply and continue. My theory states that planets such as earth is a type of sentient being that wants to multiply. It will seek out ways to multiply.

In Buddhism, I learn that there life is an endless cycle of reincarnation... what if this endless cycle of reincarnation is like that? As a new galaxy forms with new planets and life seeds on it... after many years the planet falls back into the sun and life dies out on it. Our essence just continues on another planet that we have seeded, we live out everything again. It's an endless cycle of life.

It was only after endless planets seeded that the Buddha realized how to end this cycle. He saw to the very beginning what it was like and he could see into the future. He found a way to step out of this never ending cycle. Could it be for every planet that was seeded with life, there was a Buddha, someone who saw this trend and wanted a way out of it?

What if 'live' is actually a parasite? What if there another sentient planet out there that is the opposite of us, they want to stop this endless seeding of life on other planets? They could be 'predators' going around the universe destroying planets already seeded with life. Their mission is to end this endless cycle.

Well, that was the thoughts that were running through my head today while I was driving. Driving makes me think a lot.

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