Wednesday, June 25, 2008

moving along

Finally got my PC up and running again just the way I want it. I formatted both the OS. The Vista I formatted by accident. I accidentally installed XP on both the hard disk. That was a stupid mistake to make.

I lost all the data on the Vista hard disk, including a few projects I was working on. Other than that, I still have my music and pictures.

I even when ahead and formatted my Iphone. Yeah, it was getting buggy too so I had to format it. Its always good to format and start over again. I got rid of some of the applications and games on the Vista, XP and Iphone.

The XP runs a little faster now. Vista... not much difference. The quicktime files still hang the PC when I access them. I think it could be a Motherboard architecture problem, not the software problem. Vista just doesn't like my PC setup. XP runs everything fine.

I use Vista for almost everything now except work. XP, I have to use it because it has the AVID system in it. Vista has my games! Currently playing Call Of Duty 4. Man, I haven't played a First Person Shooter in months. So rusty.

I didn't reinstall Command and Conquer. Got bored of it. My brother's playing it now on his new Dell. Good luck to him on that!

Anyway, besides sleepless nights spend over the electronics, the wedding and renovation plans are moving along. Renovations are almost done at the apartment. Just a bit more for the electrical wiring. They did a really dodgy job, it was all miscommunication. I haven't gone back to see if they understood if the fixed the problem. Plus, they have to touch up the painting too.

I hope to buy some furniture next month. Everything is going as plan.


sensei said...

Finally got your PC working again.. I was wondering why the absence.. hehe

luxen said...

the PC has been up for a week already, just too lazy to write anything.

Other things on my mind

sensei said...

I can imagine.. preparing for a wedding is tedious work... I wouldn't want to go through it again, that's for sure.. haha