Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008!


It has been a good year in 2007. The last few days were a little hectic. I was helping out Steven and Melissa's wedding video. I haven't finished editing that even.


The wedding was fun, I got to meet a few old classmates from high school and made some new friends. Although... my shoulder and arms was sore from holding the camera and battery packs for the lights the whole day.


I think it's about time I invest in that camera body harness. It looks silly but better to look silly than being sore all over.


I just got back from One Utama, I was there with Chui Yan and her family to watch the fireworks. The pass few years what we normally do is we park outside One Utama and watch from the side of the road. This year, we drove up to the old wing's rooftop parking to watch. There were quite a few people when we got there at 11:45PM. Everyone had already staked out a place. It was like a large drive-in movie theatre.


The fireworks were really loud. at about 11:55PM, somewhere from the direction of Shah Alam fireworks when of. Not sure where it was but my guess would be Shah Alam firing of 5 minutes too early.


Next, it was One Utama's fireworks. It was right above us and it was really loud. Sounded like cannon shells exploding over us. I don't think I've ever seen fireworks exploding so close before. I was actually kind of worried the flames would fall on us. I could feel some pieces of the burned remains falling on my hands.


So what's there to look forward too in 2008? Well, normally I just look forward for movies... however 2008 is going to be special for me. Two dates for two venues have been picked. August and September would go down in my personal diary from this year onwards as a special date.


Here's to a great year ahead with limitless possibilities!



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Have a good 366 days ahead!