Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Apartment

A few days ago, I got the key to our new apartment. Me and Chui Yan when to see it all excited. We've only seen it once when we first bought it, even then, it was at night. This time around, we when in the day time and the view was even better... fantastic!


It was a little dusty and there were stains in the toilet. Nothing that a mop and my high water pressure gun couldn't clean. We took some pictures of the view and it was great, I can imagine myself staring out of the window almost everyday while I work on my PC.


We when over again today to put a padlock on the front door just for extra safety percaution. When I tried to unlock one of the bedroom door this time around, it wouldn't unlock. It just refused to turn. I have a feeling one of the tumblers in the lock got stuck the last time I locked it. I don't think picking the lock would even fix it now... even the key couldn't open it... Unless I put some WD-40 in it. I'll have to dig out my WD-40 and see if I can fix that tomorrow. Pump it full of lubricant crap.


The worst part was, while we were fooling around with the lock, I dropped the key and it bounced of my shoe and right under the door. What the hell... I thought this only happened in the movies. Good thing I had another spare key... anyway, it doesn't work also. Not so good luck today.


My brother came by later to have a look. Since he's in the Interior Design profession, I thought I'll get his expert opinion. Most of his ideas were a little too wierd for our liking although he did have some very good ideas for the partition.


I hope the WD-40 works, otherwise I'll have to find a locksmith to open it. I don't want them to break down the door.




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