Friday, January 04, 2008

Last year, I bought two original software. One was the Windows Vista Business Edition and Norton Antivirus 2007. I figure since I was building a new desktop, I might as well start out with original software after hearing all the hype about vista.

I installed Vista and I discovered most of the old softwares didn't work. My pirated version of Norton didn't work on Vista. So I had make my way back to Digital Mall and purchase an original version of Norton Antivirus 2007. I stopped using Vista for the moment and switched back to Windows XP. I found that a lot of softwares didn't work in Vista very well... so much for buying original.

Anyway, I already had the original version of Norton so I installed it in my Windows XP. After a few months of using it, it worked fine... no problems at all... that is until last month. It started acting up and the auto-protect had errors everytime I start up. I even tried using the online Symantec chat customer service. Some technician (I think the dude was from India) took over control of my PC over the net and started uninstalling the antivirus, he asked me to pop in the original CD and re-install. After all that, it still had the same errors.

Now I've uninstalled the anti-virus. I still have about 75 days left in the activation. I might just change to a pirated version if the next reinstall doesn't work. Stupid piece of shit norton antivirus.

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