Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kuala Terrenganu assigment

I am blogging from my phone again. Its my second day in kuala
terrenganu. We left yesterday at 11am. We were supposed to leave at 9
am but we were delayed as most of the crew arrived late. We were
actually supposed to leave on friday but i got pick. We picked up our
producer along the way. He too was pick and was recovering at home.
The trip took us six hours by the coastal way. I slept most of the
way. My stomach still isn't feeling so great. We are staying at the
grand continental hotel. It has a nice view of the beach. However the
beach has a lot of drift wood on it and huge waves. I met up with Teng
today as i was going to visit the china town. Quite a quaint looking
place. Currently resting in my hotel room before the next shoot. I
came back here to the room just to use the toilet. Like i said, my
stomach isn't feeling so great.

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