Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It seems the in words for 2007 in the US were the words Subprime and also googleganger. Subprime was from the Subprime loan crisis, while googleganger is when you search google for your own name and find someone else with the exact same name as you. Funny, at least my chinese name is pretty unique... so far out of the 3 parts of my name, only 2 words have matched. Never an exact match for my name on google.

Today has been a long day. I had to lug all my equipment to work for an impromtu interview with Prof Dato Khoo Khay Khim at University of Malaya. Good thing I was using the company transport instead of my own car, the traffic was kind of moving slowly today. Lucky the driver knew where his office was in UM, it was a maze in there.

While I was waiting for the prof, I was looking around the history department and I realized their architecture reminded me of Bukit Aman. They had blue window frames and the buildings are just so... square. Typical JKR approved designed from the 60's I suppose.

If you look at most of the government offices that were designed in that era, they all look drab. Functional designs that were more economical than stylish. The one hour I was standing around in the building and I already felt depressed slightly. It had all the slow lethargic government feel to it. I had a feeling the very buildings that were designed by the government oozes that type of chi.

Okay, I admit... my own alma matter wasn't the epitome of academic architectural designs either. Most of the buildings in my campus was designed in the 70's I think. They too had the same drab feeling.

Anyway, while looking out the window. I saw one of their local students climbing around.

Monkey at University Malaya

The place was just full of monkeys hoping around in the trees outside. The one good thing about the UM campus I could see was that at least it was quite green. There were a lot of trees around.

Anyway, later in the afternoon I had to attend a company mandated Information Security briefing. I could tell from the memo they left on my desk it was already going to be a sleep inducing briefing. At least it was for my whole department so I had my other colleagues to accompany me.

Basically, it was a briefing about internet use. It's pretty simple, no use of the office internet for personal use. The lady who was giving the briefing had an interesting accent. Everyone was trying to figure out where she was from. After the coffee break, I just asked her out loud since everyone was too shy to ask. She said she was from Bulgaria. Ah, no wonder. My first guess was India. She had that Aryan look.

They even have a policy about blogging. Quite interesting. Looks like I won't be blogging from the office anymore... unless I use my handphone.

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