Friday, January 18, 2008

Food Poisoning

I'm down with food poisoning. I suspect the culprit for my illness to be the food they served during our department party. Every few months we have a party to celebrate the birthday's of those born in that month. I think the satay sauce did me in. It was also the mixture of a peanut butter sandwich I had later in the night... SO NOT A GOOD COMBINATION!


The worst part is, I'm supposed to be in Kuala Terrenganu today. I had to SMS everyone I was sick. Postpone everything until tomorrow. The doctor gave me one day of MC for slight fever and food poisoning.


I had a meeting in KL yesterday, on the way back I was already feeling really weak. I hardly get a fever so it's not easy to identify it when I do get a fever. I got home and pratically slept the whole day until this morning.


I can't eat anything now, I'm afraid I'll have an accident. I best stick to eating bread.

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