Saturday, March 10, 2007

My eulogy

I have a poison and its name is Medieval 2. I hate my poison, I’m addicted to it. It eats me. It’s a jealous poison, it takes me away from everything. It keeps me up late at night till 4AM and keeps away from other people. It demands my constant attention. It needs me to move little pixels across the screen, planning, scheming, going to war, making peace and trading.

My poison. I hate it.

Okay, I had to say it. It’s been on my mind for awhile. All I do these past few days is play Medieval: Total War 2. It’s too addictive. This game should be banned. I regret the day I bought it from the shop.

My computer gives me the blue screen of death most of the time I play. Most probably my hard disk with a brain tumour. I know, my hard disk is slowly dying but I demand to play my game.

Tonight I decided to skip playing it… just for tonight. I’ve been cheating on the game like crazy. I haven’t even been playing it proper since I started. It was just too much fun cheating.

No Medieval tonight. Tonight, I opted to watch a DVD instead. I when through the DVD’s I just bought and I picked the one on top of the pile, “Stranger Than Fiction”. I’ve seen the trailer before and no Chui Yan didn’t want to it with me. Not a Will Ferrell fan. I am.

I sat in the dark lying on bed watching the story unfold. It was the strangest of movie, it was like reading a book and watching a movie at the same time. Will Ferrell plays a man who hears an author narrating his life in his head and hears “little does he know, he will soon be dead” which of course catches his attention and drives him to find out what the voice in his head meant.

He finds love and goes on to live a fulfilling life. Very Buddhist ending about facing death. There’s something about sitting in the dark in your room alone watching a room that makes you emotionally susceptible. I laughed and had tears beading at the corner of my eye through the movie. It was touching and funny all at once. I don’t know about the rest of the movie critics and damn the Oscars, but this is one heck of a movie.

Heck… I would dare say this movie makes it into my list 10 most favorite movies right now.

Emma Thompson plays the author who narrates his life in the movie. Its something about the calm in Emma’s voice that makes it so acceptable and understanding to just listen and accept it as it is.

I wonder who would best be suited to narrate my life. Someone to Eulogies me after I am gone. If you’re reading this, many years from now find yourself right now reading this paragraph… wouldn’t this blog be a weird eulogy of yourself? Sit there, think about it.

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