Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Fadli finally finished the first draft of the movie we're going to shoot. Haven't read all of it yet. Initial impressions was that it was a little too long for 5 minutes. I gave him a brief outline of a short-film I wanted to shoot. Its an action movie with Remote Controlled cars. I had to scale back a lot of things. At first, I wanted 40 RC's racing at the same time, but budge constraints is keeping me back.

Today, we had a technical meeting to test the wireless cameras. We tested it in the office so there was a lot of excitement with the other staff as they watched us play around with the camera and the RC cars. Everyone wanted to know where I got the small little wireless spycam. Well, if you want to know, I got it at Jalan Pasar. It was RM148. Its got the shittiest of lens. Its only focused in the centre and the infinity focus is out. Reception is crappy too but at least you can see moving images. Its the lightest camera they have at the shop. I would have gotten something better but they were too heavy for a small RC car to carry as a load.

Hopefully, this week we get to test it with Fadli's RC helicopter. Have to test range of the camera and camera angles. I hope technical tests should be completed by this month then we can move into production planning. Camera angle shots and receeing the sites would be the hardest part. Once all the initial planning is out of the way, the rest should fall into place like clockwork.


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