Sunday, March 11, 2007

Car Theft

Someone broke into my car last night. I came back quite late at 11PM and I was up till 4AM playing Medieval 2. My mother woke me up at 7:30AM. My neigbhour had noticed my car window had been broken in on the front left side. There was glass everywhere. The contents from my glove comparment were strewn on the passenger seat and the coin box was open.

I did a quite check and there wasn't much missing. Only the Smart Tag holder that was glued to the front windshield and a RM2 note in the coinbox. I guess what they really wanted was the Smart Tag. I had brought it in because I knew there were a lot of theft cases. The thieves probably thought I had kept it in the glove compartment. That's why they rancacked it.

Well, at least they didn't try taking the radio. Its a crappy radio with bad wiring anyway.

It took me an hour just to vacuum out the broken glass. Since I was already vacuuming the glass, I decided to vacuum the whole car. After that, I when to the PJ State police station to make a report. I had my mother seat in the car since they car didn't have a window. I thought the officer was going to come over to take the picture later anyway. The officer at the PJ State told me I had to go to the SEA park Police Station since it was under that district.

I thought it over and I never remembered there was a SEA Park Police Station. I asked the guard on the way out and he said it was the SS2 Police Station. On the way there, the police station called me again to tell me that they were calling up the station to find Investigating Officer.

At the police station, turns out the photographer on duty was sick and the replacement guy was in Sungai Buloh. They told me to go home and he'll come to my house to take the picture of the car instead.

So I when back home and about an hour later the this dude on a bike came over. The officer told me there was another car break in a few days ago nearby. Damn, I thought this was a safe neigbourhood.

Now my car has a hole in it and my mechanic's close today. Can't get it fixed until tomorrow.

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Sim said...

Hey dude. Sorry to hear about the break-in. Hope everything's back to normal.