Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UPS Delivery

I came back today to find a UPS mail delivery on my bed. My maid usually puts my mail under my door, but this was a pretty large envelope so it ended up on my bed. On first glance, I knew what it was right away. One of the universities must have send it.

I checked the envelope's return address, and true enough, it was Sheffield Hallam University. It was an unconditional offer for a Masters in Media Studies. I had till August to accept it. I feel slighted elated at getting this. I was thinking, "hah, so I'm good enough for another university after all! Someone wants me to study at their instituition!"

I had a talk with Chui Yan about the future. I guess plans have to change. I'm dropping the university plans to focus on buying a house and getting hitched this year. I know I always talk about it but not much gets done so this time around, gonna put more effort on it. The scholarship just side-tracked me. Doesn't matter now whether I get it or not. I've got more important things at hand.

Maybe I'll frame up the letter. Would have been nicer if it was an offer letter from Cambridge hehe.

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