Monday, March 12, 2007


Lately, someone I know SMS me and said she was trying to have a baby. She just got married and has been at 'it' quite a lot but no luck so far. I send back an SMS she was probably trying too hard at the wrong time in the month.

Another lady confided in me the funniest story. She couldn't wait to tell someone what happened and pulled me to a corner and told her friend gave her two strange pills that were small and in a shape of a triangle. She said after taking the pill, she and her husband were different people and started having the wildest sex. She woke up the next morning with bruises all over her and her husband was covered in scratches. She didn't remember much what happened that night but I figure it was one hell of a night.

This brings me to the topic of our 'obligation' to our species. You know, as a species and as a lifeform, we basically only have one goal that is to pro-create. Live has to continue and we have to pass our genes on to the next generation. Other species do it so naturally and with greate vigour.

Humans on the other hands are amusing creatures. For most of our youth, we are thought sex is to be avoided. When we do get to the point we have to fulfill our obligation and pro-create, we don't do it right. You spend all your life avoiding sex and after 25 years or so avoiding it (or least been told no!), suddenly you're at it. The shock of being able to do it just makes us forget how to do it 'naturally'.

I always find it wierd that evolution has made sex enjoyable while childbirth painful. I see how making sex enjoyable has profited the species... but making childbirth painful? Hrmm... I think it should have been the other way around. If sex was painful, only couples who were ready and really want a child would go through having sex. Then when they do have a child, the mother and father would have the most amazing orgasm upon the birth of the child. Okay, it sounds wierd when you read this now but the idea of having an orgasm when we sex would have sounded wierd too if you heard it for the first time.

If sex was just as painful as childbirth, I tell you there would be a lot less pre-marital sex. However, I think we as a species would probably be dwindling down too! If it wasn't for all those horny ancestors of ours, we wouldn't be here would we?


sensei said...

Great point of view! I totally get what you're saying.. and with that, we could reduce the amount of abandoned baby cases..

xmocha said...

hahah your proposed theory is weird!

Sim said...

The problem with painful sex is only masochist genes will get passed down. What would the average family day out be like then? Ouch.