Friday, March 16, 2007

Windows Vista

Its been a long 48 Hours. I was up till 4AM the previous night fixing my PC. My PC was breaking down and slowly dying. At first I thought it was the hard disk, then when I tried to reinstall the windows OS, the motherboard failed too. That was the breaking point for me and I had it with my crappy PC. It was already 8PM when I got to the Digital Mall at Section 14. I made my way to Aone Plus and ran into Mr. Oh. Haven't seen the guy since the last time I upgraded my PC.

I had taken out my hard disk, RAM, DVD drive and video card and stuffed it in a bag to bring it along with me. I picked out a motherboard, a casing and some new RAM and asked them to assemble me a new PC. On a whim, I thought I'll get the new Windows Vista. I bought the Business Edition version. Got me a Duo Core 2.13MHz CPU and 2G of RAM. If I had more time, I would have waited for a better motherboard, but the best they had was only a Abit IB9 motherboard that would support 2 IDE slots. Everyone uses SATA drives today. All in all, the total bill for my Frankenstein PC came up to RM2500.

When I got home, tried to install a few stuff and I started to find out that Vista wasn't supported by most softwares. For example, quicktime doesn't work. Damn Apple, can't they come out with a version that supports Vista? Now I can't play any of my video tutorials and I didn't even bother to install my Britanica.

The dump part is, when the software doesn't work, the whole PC just slows down to a crawl and finally hangs. It doesn't even let me get to the control panel to shut down the program. How shitty is that? I constantly have to have the control panel up and running just in case I have to make an emergency exit out of a program.

I turned of the Vista Aero as most of the programs don't work with it. Looks nice in the demo but its shitty in real life application. The interface is totally different. I'm still trying to look for the folders properties so I can customize how files are viewed. It also has too many stupid warnings popping up. Do you want this to run? This program is asking to run this, do you want it too? Why the hell is Vista second guessing me every time I want to do something? Bloody hell, my damn OS doubts everything I do!

I can't even run Medieval 2 on Vista now. The pirated version doesn't work. Oh well, maybe that's a blessing in disguise after all. Hrmm, which got me thinking... I wonder if Rome Total War would work instead... hehehe.

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