Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars 2007

I used to watch the Oscars religiously when I was a Film Studies student. I say I used too because I haven't been following the Oscars in the past few years. Now I just read about it in the papers.

This year's Oscars, I didn't even knew who were the nominees until I started watching the repeat. I watched the ending of the live telecast this morning. I didn't think Martin Scorsese should have won for Best Director (for The Departed) and The Departed shouldn't have won for Best Film.

Don't get me wrong, I like Martin for a long time. He makes great mobster movies. However, for all the movies that he has made, this is one he shouldn't have won for. I feel a little outraged that the Academy did not give recognition to the Hong Kong movie it was adapted from, Infernal Affairs. Even the announcer at the Oscars got it wrong and said it was based on a Japanese movie. Tsk tsk.

If you've watched Infernal Affairs 1 and The Departed, you would haven noticed many similarities. Not just in term of story arch, but even in cinematography and dialog. Some scenes had the same camera angles. Ridiculous!

Come on Martin, you’re the uber director. Everyone looks up to you and hold you in such high recognition. Why make a remake? You had such originality in movies like Raging Bull. That is one hell of a boxing movie. Its got great cinematography and dialog.

Hrm, I can only theorize that Martin being the most widely known mob movie director, was copied by the directors of Infernal Affairs and the whole thing came full circle when Martin copies those copying him.

This year was the weird Oscar year. I was surprised even a former Vice-President can win an Oscar. Now we all heard of Hollywood actors moving into politics. We had Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even that former wrestler who turned governor of Minnesota who I shouldn’t name. Anyway, congrats Al Gore. You didn’t win the presidency to change the election but winner an Oscars is something. I think the American public preferred an ‘oil’ man instead of a ‘green’ man. If Al Gore hadn’t made that shitty speech in Malaysia about Reformasi a long time ago, I would have supported him.

I feel sad every time I see the tribute they pay to those that past away. Its always a passing of a previous generations that makes way for a new generation. Goodbye Scotty!

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