Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chicken Pox
It’s been a few days now. I have chicken pox. I got it from my father’s shingles. I was in Perlis for the carnival when I started breaking out in spots on Saturday. By Monday it started getting really bad and I had to fly home.

I saw the doctor when I got home, didn’t know I had a fever until the doctor told me. I’m not used to being sick so when I do get sick, its just something weird and odd I hardly experience.

Now I’m totally covered in all this red boils all over me, and I mean every part of me. I sleep most of the time, mostly because of the fever and because I’ve quarantined myself in my room away from my nephew and nieces.

I’ve read that an oatmeal bath helps with the itching, doesn’t itch as much as the first 3 days anymore. I have tried taking cold showers, that helps stops the itching too. Starts to itch a little right after taking a shower when my skin starts to dry. Try to keep my mind of the itching by playing computer games.

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