Saturday, July 15, 2006

PC problems again

This sucks, my PC has problems again. Something wrong with the audio codecs, it's missing the mp3 codecs. I think it's got to do with the damn DVR Card I installed. Its always been sitting in my PC but I reinstalled the software and the drivers to try out the surveillance camera I bought a long time ago. Had problems using it so I uninstalled it. Turns out, it might have knocked out my other drivers. I hope its just a software problem.

I got really pissed, I had to rip the damn DVR card out with a plier. It was really stuck in the ISA slot. Don't really care if the card's damaged now or not anymore.

I'm blogging now while waiting for my files to copy over to my backup drive. I'm backing up everything, just in case I have to re-format. The only problem with reformating is that I can't update this Windows XP anymore. I just might have to go legit and put real money down for the real thing.

I'm gonna try reinstalling some of the adobe softwares first and see what happens.

If that doesn't work, well... it's time to burn everything down and start over again anyway.

I had tea with some of my colleagues, it was someone's birthday. We when to a Ms Read in One Utama's new Wing. They have really good chocolate cake. They top it of with vanilla ice cream and with hot melted chocolate. Sounds gross but man, it taste really good.

Was talking to one of my colleague and I realized that I haven't been talking much since I started work again. Just didn't feel like talking to anyone since I got back because I was so used to not actually have to physically talk to anymore for two weeks since I quarantined myself in my room. Its like physical rehabilitation, having to learn the social skills bit all over again.

Personally, I enjoy not having to talk to people but I can't do that at work because everyone would just think I'm wierd or hard to work with. Being an introvert that I am, I rather keep to myself. Evidence of this is blogging of course, who the hell talks to themselves through a blog that no one reads anyway?

Its all therapy I tell ya.

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