Friday, July 14, 2006


I've been watching the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. I hardly remember them now and I heard that the new Superman Returns is based on Superman I & II. My brother got Superman I and after watching it, I learned that they shot I & II in a stretch so it’s actually one whole story broken into two movies. So I when out to buy Superman II today.

Although my Medical Leave is up to Friday, I’ve been going to work since yesterday. I never thought I’ll say this, but I had enough of sitting at home. Looks like there was a lot of things to do at work after all. One thing I’ve learned from this experience is learning to let go and let others take over.

Left work early and came back to watch Superman II, felt asleep half way and woke up again in the middle of the night to continue the rest of the movie. I guess the part I enjoy the most about the Superman movies is the John Williams soundtrack. Its so synonymous with Superman. Still, my favourite image of Superman is the old cartoons with the film noire effects. I remember how they had really good art in it. There’s one scene I remember where huge flying robots came to attack Metropolis and they had really nice animation (all hand drawn back then!) flying over Metropolis with the frightened citizens looking up at it.

I’ve realized that I’ve been eating Maggi Mee for two nights as supper. There’s something about that salty MSG taste at night… mmm. Had to put a stop to that, not healthy. Tonight I had instant quaker oats instead with honey. Looks gross but its filling and supposedly healthy.

This weekend’s going to be a movie marathon. I lined up at GSC in One Utama to get tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean 2. After 20 minutes in line, they told me they only had 4th row from the screen so I got tickets for Superman Returns on Friday night instead. I walked over to Jusco and passed TGV and there was no queue at all, so I asked if they had tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean on Sunday night and they had good seats too! Looks like TGV isn’t that popular now.

Speaking of work, man there’s quite a backlog of stuff to do. I have to shoot a pilot for a new show. Its interesting how the company always likes the half baked idea I come up at the spur of the movement and never liked the long carefully planned ideas I have. Anyway, rushing to put things together. Hope it doesn’t turn into a shoddy piece of shit (damn, maybe they’ll like that too).

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