Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nirvana & the Big Bang
Hey there. Right, I decided “Hola” was kind of a cheesy way to start a blog entry. I was gonna with “What’s up?” but then nobody reads this blog so I don’t think I’ll get a respond… not even an echo me thinks.

I watched Walk The Line over the week. It’s a movie about Johnny Cash and June Carter. Since I’ve been listening to the guy quite often, I thought I’ll see what the hype was all about in the movie. Turns out to be a pretty damn movie I might say, but what can I say, I’m a little bit country (I’m a little bit rock & roll too!). Mr. Cash had quite an interesting life, the ending of the movie ended with him proposing to June Carter. Now that I think about it, there wasn’t much of a plot development, but what made the movie really good was the actor Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon singing their own songs and man, they sound exactly like Johnny Cash and June Carter.

I’ve been contemplating a lot of things over the weekend too. One thing just leads to another. I’m currently preparing to go to the Jomheboh Karnival in Perlis over the weekend. I have to take the bus and they say it’s going to take 8 hours! So I’ve been thinking of things to do in that 8 hours. One of things I’ve been doing is downloading audio books. One of the books I’ve been downloading, “A Short History Of Nearly Everything” (by Bill Bryson) starts of with the history of the cosmos and the Big Bang Theory. I’ve also been downloading lectures of Buddhism, though I don’t have the whole lecture series it does get me contemplating about Nirvana again.

I have this weird theory about Nirvana. The whole objective of being a Buddhist is to escape this rebirth cycle and reach Nirvana, and I tell ya… I don’t think there are many who’ve made it. However, the Buddha says there is a place where there is no birth, re-birth and death. Now cross referencing with what I’ve read about the Big Bang, the universe started out as the Singularity, where there was just 1, everything was just one ‘thing’. It just expanded into this universe and some say it’s slowly collapsing into a singularity again. Now, isn’t that Nirvana? Come from nothing, go back to nothing?

I’ve flipped through the Philosophy for Dummies book in Kinokuniya and read a little about what the Atheist thing about death. Why do we fear death if we came from nothing and there was nothing before us, why fear going back to nothing? It was not painful or sad when we were nothing, we didn’t feel anything at all.

I think it only when we’re alive right now that we fear losing what we have now but in death when we cease to exist (barring the fact of re-birth), we become nothing again. Some theories about the Big Bang also suggest that the singularity expanding into a universe and squeezing back into a singularity again is an endless cycle, and get this… there may be other singularities out there in different dimensions! In Buddhist literature, they explain that there are other different realms where we can reincarnate into too. We do not just exist in this plane of reality that we know… but I hope there’s only one singularity… otherwise, if this Big Bang theory works out and we implode into the singularity again, we would all have finally achieved Nirvana.

Is this too heavy a material for you to read?

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