Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why I like my job
Just a thought, I've been listening to that Anthony Robbins in my car. The guy said I should think positive thoughts. Alright, I thought I'll just list down the first ten thing that comes to my mind why I like job. Here goes...

1. I get to tell 2 chicks to dive with sharks on my command. Now that cracks me up.

2. Inserting easter egg's in the show that only I get. My own personal joke to see if anyone notices it. Sort of like how we scan the radio airwaves in space hoping to find alien lifeform.

3. Attending lingerie shows (okay, it was only once but that was fun).

4. Woman co-workers talk you casually about sex, hey... part of the job. Not that it turns me on but I appreciate them sharing their views normally reserved only for their gender or OBGYN. I'm such a dirty voyuer.

5. Waking up late for work. I admit it, not a morning person.

6. The power to change people's perception of their world... one lie at a time.

7. Meeting famous people... okay, it wears out after awhile. I'm jaded.

8. Occasionally, I get to make the viewers cry or laugh. Controlling someone's emotion... I'm power crazy.

9. Big corporations buy me free meals... yeah!

10. Oh yeah, almost forgot... still doing what I always wanted to do since uni, producing my own show. Feels like being the captain of the Enterprise.

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