Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I like the low numbers that visit my blog, seriously, I do. I appreciate the fact that I don't have an audience to write for but myself. I have enough pressure as it is, creating content for viewers at work. Here, it's just for me and who ever happens to stumble across this blog.

I've been downloading and listening to a lot of Country music in my car and at home. Namely, I've been listening to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and the rest of the guys from that era. Kinda puts me in the nostalgic mood. I used to think I hated country music. My room mate in uni used to listen to it and I thought it was icky. I think it had to do with that song Achky Breaky Heart.

It's embarassing but now I find myself singing along to A Named Sue; Ring Of Fire; and The General Lee. Damnit, I'm turning into a freaking redneck. Like I was saying, all this country's putting me in a nostalgic mood. Was surfing through friendster and saw some pictures of long lost friends and people I used to know. I tell ya, I could feel a tear almost beading in the corner of the eye.

It's a good thing I'm listening to all these country music. My company made me sign some statement saying I'll be a good employee. Other things added was that I would not sue the company without consulting them first. I think they left out the clause that I shouldn't be a card carrying communist and a homosexual also. Dumbass.

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The Moy said...

Check out the Austin Lounge Lizards. Truly great satirical country songs.

From a bonafide redneck.