Monday, December 24, 2007

Sales end today


I was browsing Facebook and I came across this group, it's a group devoted to this artist by the name of Banksy. The guy's a graffiti artist who does social commentary art mostly in UK but also in other countries.


There's one piece I saw in his gallery that I really liked.



Hehe... I think all those ladies will indentify with this one for their Christmas Shopping. I don't think they have Boxing Day sales here so no after Christmas sales here.


Me, I can't wait for One Utama to return to its usual crowd. I could live without all the traffic jam.


I think Father Christmas has turned into Father Commercialism. I saw the dude the other day at One Utama.



There he was dancing on the stage while the parents while pushing their kids up to join him. Father commercialism was up there on stage to teach the new ones the true meaning of commercialism. Buy what you can!


It's quite competitive for all the shopping malls in the Klang Valley now. There's the new Pavilion and The Garden. Every mall has their own unique theme to pull the crowd in. I wonder how much sales is generated in this December period. Most people haven't even gotten their bonuses but they're already spending the money forward. Even the non-Christians are spending in Christmas. I bought presents for my nephew and nieces too.


I personally never liked Christmas after one bad experience although in recent times I did have one very nice memorable Christmas so I'm more mellow in my resentment towards this holiday.


My mother celebrated Christmas differently, she celebrated the Chinese Winter Solstice by making 'Tong Yuen'. Now that was nice to eat.

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