Saturday, December 22, 2007

It was a quite day in the office today. I woke up late... I was lying on my bed wondering if I should actually go to work today. I figure there wasn't going to many people in the office today anyway. Most people are going to take today and Monday of. Then SMSes started coming into my phone. It was work related. I read the SMSes and thought to myself "screw it, I'm going to take the whole week of instead". So I got out of bed, drove to the office and used that new online leave application software. Since I have 20 days of leave left, I was already contemplating take the whole of December of early in the month. Might as well take the whole week of. All these leave I carry forward never finishes. Now I don't have to go to the office till 2nd January. However, knowing me... I'll probably still drop by.

I downloaded a book on how to edit on Final Cut Pro 5. It was an ebook in adobe reader format. I brought it the office and started printing it out on the laser printer. Since it was 244 pages, I left it alone while I when to One Utama to buy some plastic wrappers to wrap my new book. I figure it was going to take awhile anyway.

After strolling around One Utama, I came back and all the pages were missing from the printer. I looked around and I spied Pali at the photocopy machine. I asked him if he saw my book and he said "oh, so you the one who was printing this... the boss wasn't happy you printed so many pages". Just then the manager walks by and asked me about it. I said I was printing a copy for everyone. Pali was already making a copy for himself at the photocopy machine.

The the printer didn't have an option where you can print on the front and back of the same page. So the book is twice as thick as it should be. I found an old folder with a ring binder so I came home with it and made holes with my expensive puncher.

Like I told my manager, its for everyone to use. I'm bringing the book the office and it's going to be on my table for everyone's reference. Learning to use FCP would the next big thing after learning AVID.

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