Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

All is quiet, my nephew and nieces have finally gone to bed. It's the night before Christmas. Is this supposed to be some magical moment? Don't really feel it I guess. You make your own moods.


Being the scrooge that I am, I don't expect Santa Claus to drop by anytime soon. If I hear noises coming from my living room right now, I'm calling the the police.


I had dinner with Chui Yan's family. Nothing fancy. We ate at the restaurant behind her place at Aman Suria. Came back to her place to watch her niece open her presents. I spend half an hour assembling her 3D Jigsaw puzzle.


When buying presents for kids, I've learned not to buy anything that makes loud noises, especially if it's loud repetitive singing. It drives me nuts. Also, I always follow the age recommendation. Not following it means the adult and it's usually me has assemble or teach them how to use it. For example, 3D Jigsaw puzzles.


In my house, everything has to come in 3's as there are 3 kids. The kids have already torn open their presents. They don't believe in waiting until Christmas morning. They open theirs on Christmas eve. That way, they can break it all my the next day. The one that survives the longest is the hardiest toy. It's toy evolution. I'm putting my money on the Toy lantern Chui Yan got for one of my niece. I think that will last maybe a week or so.


Anyway, I'll leave with this Christmas Carols I saw in Midvalley Megamall the other day.




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