Monday, December 24, 2007

Adobe CS3

Since I have the whole week of... I think I have too much time on my hands. Anyway, I have a new book to keep me occupied. I've been learning how to use photoshop and premiere pro CS3. Quite a daunting task as it doesn't work very well on Vista. The Bridge CS3 hangs so I can't use that. Photoshop and Premiere Pro takes awhile to load sometimes... I think this could be a problem with it's cache. I could hear the hard disk going through very fast.


I think I should upgrade from this old IDE hard disk to something faster.


Anyway, CS3 has awhile lot of new features that I haven't even learned how to use yet. One of the fun features is Adobe Contribute. It lets you edit your blogs which is what I'm using to write this with right now! Fun!


I've been learning how to edit and touch up faces. Chui Yan isn't happy with the ones I've touched up for her so I edited my own photos instead. I skipped the lusher lips and 'look-thinner' effect. I just when for the smoother skin and Hollywood lighting effect. Small differences but it looks better.


I picked a funny picture I took in Sabah when I was shooting in the Sabah governor's palace. Here, have a look.



I have smoother skin now! Yes, I'm vain but it's funny. Yes, that's me in a songkok. It's palace protocol, they make everyone wear one. I actually got  a pretty good deal when I bought mine in Masjid India area. Now I own my very own songkok. Caused me RM55 too.


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