Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shaba Valley

I spend the whole day today editing. Woke up late and surfed the net a little before heading to work. I tried to avoid the lunch hour traffic by driving the longer way and that was a bad decision, got stuck in traffic even longer because it was jammed everywhere!

Finally reached the office after lunch time and was there till 1:30AM. The amount of work that had to be done wasn't that much. It was all the time wasted waiting to use the editing suite. One of the AVID suites isn't working well. Not sure what they did, but the new software upgrade didn't go well with the PC. They added a new video card but it still isn't working, it lags a lot.

The other AVID suite was hogged by someone I wouldn't mention here. Let's just say not many people like how he hogs the editing suite and treats it like his own personal property. Yesterday I wanted to use it and I found the damn door locked. I when to ask for the key and the guy had the audacity to say he locked it because he wanted to use it, WTF?!!

Anyway, we were supposed to finished everything by today and rush a DVD copy to the CEO before he flies of overseas. We didn't make it in time obviously. Tomorrow we have to lay audio, VO and add the subtitles for the arab translation too. Going to be quite a lot stuff to trow in tomorrow.

Spend some time editing visuals of what the aftermath of the Israeli bombing of a town called Shaba in south eastern Lebanon. The Syrians has broadened their territory into the Lebanon territory. What ever else was on the Lebanese side was flatened by bombs. There was a potato farm and the Israeli's dropped a bomb in the middle of it, blowing up potato all over the field. It was a mix of potato and bits and pieces of steel strewned all over the field. Potato bomb salad.

The producer told me a funny story, he took home some bomb sharpenels and tried to clean it with clorox and it started foaming and that freaked him out so he trew them away. I told him maybe it was irridiated plutonium bombs and now you're going to sterile haha. He says he got some Israeli army souvenir, waiting till tomorrow to see what he has. I'm hoping for something like an Israeli army cap.

In the morning going to see an apartment with Chui Yan. I keep saying house and she keeps reminding me it's an apartment. Symantic error there. What I meant was home hehe.

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