Friday, September 08, 2006

I've been meaning to write but I haven't had the time... really, I have. It's just that live has been really hectic. A lot of things have been going on, I sit my ass down in front of the PC everyday thinking 'okay, I should blog this, this would make a good story and something worthy of putting down in writing... but nooo... I look at my desktop and instead of clicking on internet explorer to open my blog, I click on Barbarian Invasion and spend the next 4 hours rampaging across Europe killing pixels. Damn, I think I've probably killed half a million pixelled men by now (that's not including all those dogs, horses and elephants I've killed in the game too!).

Okay, so what really has been going on since I've last blogged that's worthy of mention? Okay, I'll try to list them down:

1. When to Perkampungan Hadhari in Kota Bahru. That was something wierd. A total Islamic village and my boss suggested me, a non-Muslim go instead. So there I was, doing a women's talk show and having a women's booth in a middle of a school field. I must say the Kelantanese are really religous, come prayers time, the whole field was devoid of people. Heck, there were more staff minding the booths than visitors.

I got to see Chui Yan's grandfather too. Her aunt bought turtle egg for dinner. Looked really wierd, tasted like half-boiled egg. Her grandfather says the egg white never gets hardened no matter how long you boil it, only the egg yolk hardens. Took some pictures of Chui Yan's cousin eating it too, so I don't feel so guilty eating the egg of an almost extinct species.

I visited Wakaf Che Yeh, it's this night market that opens from 6PM-6AM. It's quite huge actually, larger than one football size. According to the taxi driver, they just moved to a new location. While walking around with two of my colleagues, Teh and Azean we spotted some of the stall owners wearing face masked. We asked them why the mask, was it because they were afraid of bird flu and they said it was because it was dusty there. Just then, a big gust of wind blew up all the dust on the ground as if to prove a point.

The highlights of the visit was me buying a VCD entitled 'Serangan Tun Dr. Mahathir kepada Pak Lah'. The guy at the stall was selling Nik Aziz's VCD's and I dropped by to have a look and lo and behold, I saw Mahathir's face sticking out among the stack of CD's. Got it for 8 bucks. Heh, cheaper then buying some porno VCD and certainly more entertaining.

Another highlight was meeting Pak Lah at the Hadhari. They asked me if I wanted to line-up to shake hands with him. They put a TV9 cap on my head and stood me next to Spongebob Square Pants and Patrick from the cartoon. Pak Lah came walking down and a I looked around and realized I was the only non-muslim standing there to greet him. I decided I shouldn't deprive Patrick the opportunity to shake the prime minister's hand too, so I tried to stick out Patrick's huge starfish hand for Pak Lah to shake but unfortunately, Pak Lah just walked by. Oh well.

2. Okie, I had to go for another karnival, this time it was Karnival Jomheboh in Bukit Jalil, this time I was lucky and I only had to go on Saturday. Thank goodness it wasn't that hot.

3. I've been shopping for a place with Chui Yan, going to look at apartments around PJ. For our price range, it's a bit challenging but so far we're still looking around. I'm personally afraid of hights. I can't look straight down from high places. It's not so scarry if I actually have a safety harness tied to me, then at least I would know it's okay. What ever apartment we get, I don't think I'll be spending a lot of time looking down the windows.

4. I've been spending a lot of money fixing up my car. It's an old Nissan Sunny. It's actually my mom's car. I'm quite attached to the car, but recently I spend close to 2 thousand just changing the suspensions, had too much rattling and a bumpy ride. Fixed the radio on my own too. Would want to get a new car but would probably put it of till I get a place to stay.

5. It's actually 2am in the morning as I'm writing this. The reason I'm up so late isn't because of Barbarian Invasion, it's actually because of Lebanon Invasion. I've been helping to edit a special project. My colleagues just came back from Lebanon and they are doing a two part series. I offered to volunteer my time to edit the visuals even though I wasn't required too. I kinda felt guilty for not giving any money to the West Asian Humanitarian Fund, so I'll just give them my time and expertize. Even as I write now, they're still editing in the office now. I hope everything goes okay for the first episode. In one part of the show, Norzie actually stumbles upon a dead kitten. It's all flattened and dried up, nothing more than a carpet of fur. I don't know why, but I thought it was really hillarious with Norzie poking it with a pebble. I know, it's really mean of me but maybe it's supposed to be symbolic of the Lebanese's people struggle.

6. Oh yeah, I when to a FHM party with Daphne and Mastura. Met a lot of sexy celebrities there. The wierd thing was, they didn't turn me on. I guess it's because I knew most of them professionally and in my mind I just turned it of. Some of the girls on the stage were cat walking in really skimpy bikinis and shaking their ass at the guys.

7. I'm at a crossroads in my career. There has been many requests from people from 'somewhere' to join them. I can't really decide. On one hand, I would really like to do something new that is English based. However, I hate the early waking hours. I'm just not a morning person and love sleeping in. I wouldn't want to give up my social live for my job, no matter how much I like what I'm doing. Now that I'm looking for a place to stay, I realize I need to get a better paying job. I used to think it wasn't about the money, but now I realize I do need the money so I can get a nice home to stay in on our own. If the other job had more money, that would be great. If it's just going to pay me the same with the twice the amount of stress, I don't think I would want to do it.

It's not that I hate what I'm doing now, I get a long just okay now. It's just that I'm getting burned out and running out of ideas to make what I'm doing now really 'oomph!'.

Anyway... it's time to hit the sack. I got to wake up early to edit again.

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