Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Life or Suffer Question

Today I was asked a life or suffer question (oh, death would have been so much less painful). It's one of those questions, a million options would run through your mind in a split second before you made up your mind on what to do or to take no action at all.

I was editing today and in came a colleague of mine who sat behind me and started complaining about our common superior. As I was busy editing and minding the editing machine, I just smiled agreeably while she called our superior unkind names. After 10-15 or so or vicious bile and venom, she looked at me from the corner of my eye and smiled and asked "Do you think I have a bad temper"?

Now here's the catch-22:
A. Tell her she's a bitch who spits venom and bile who can stand no one, even herself or;
B. Lie to her face and tell her the world is so lucky to have her.

Being the idiot I am and after racing through all the options at hand, I choose option A. She looked at me and laughed and asked if I was just saying that to pissed her of or if I meant it. I said, 'you DEFINITELY have an anger management problem!". In all the years I have known her, she certainly does have an uncontrollable rage. She's the SheHulk I tell ya.

However, to be fair, she does come useful most of the time. When people are too diplomatic at times, she can get things done fast as everyone's too afraid to piss her off. She doesn't take shit from anyone and I admire that. However, I sometimes feel that most thing can be done diplomatically.... on the other hand, as the bad guy in "Kiss Of The Dragon" said... 'The time for diplomacy is over!"

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