Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I still hate Chistmas

1. Christmas songs are sappy. They sing about how they miss someone or about snow.

2. I hate snow. No explanation needed.

3. I hate people wishing for a white Christmas. Are you stupid? Snow sucks! If you haven't felt real winter before you wouldn't know how cold and dirty it is.

4. Shopping malls are all jammed. I hate having to find parking and sharing the mall with people.

5. Hate this concept "spirit of giving". Some economist must have invented this to increase consumer spending.

6. People wishing merry Christmas. I don't feel the need to be merry just because you tell me too.

7. I hate all the fake cotton and styrofoam that shopping malls use as fake snow in their decorations.

8. People start taking their leave at the end of the year and it's hard to get any work done when the people you have to work with are not around.

There's a lot more reasons but I'll stop here.

Why am I writing this? A few minutes ago I was trying to park my car and a Christmas song came on the radio. As I was trying to turn into the very tight spot, my handphone started ringing too. The guard standing next me was giving me hand signals on how to park also.

Between trying to turn of the damn radio, looking at the guard, my mirrors and wondering if I should take the call, I ran the side my car into the wall. I could hear paint scratching against the pillar.

Called back the number and it was just a general line. Don't even know who it was.

I blame the christmas song. I was trying to listen to the crappy lyrics about how the singer misses someone. Totally distracted me.

So all my experiences with Christmas is bad. Hate you Christmas. If I could kick your ass, I would.

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