Saturday, December 04, 2010

How to loose your appetite

I stopped by centerpoint for a quick lunch. Since I wasn't hungry, I thought of having the chap fun there. I took 2 veggies with a small rice and the lady charged me only RM2. I thought "wow! That's a cheap lunch!"

So as I sat down to eat, I noticed what looked like a thin slice of mushroom in the curry veggie.

I separated it out and look what I found

It was a small black worm the size of a 20 sen coin. Gross.

Totally lost my appetite. I tried taking a few bites more from the rice thinking if Bear Grylls can do it, so can I but as I was eating, I kept looking at it on my table and gave up.

I ended up taking pictures of it instead. I didn't even complain about it. The fact that it was this little black worm that looked like a small snake that totally grossed me out. If it was a small green caterpillar I wouldn't have mind but this... This is too gross!

So this is how I'm going to loose weight. Before eating, I'll look at the photo of the worm and see if I still have my appetite. If I do, then I'll over come my fear of it. If not, at least I'll loose weight!

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