Friday, December 03, 2010

Serial killer Sims 3

I started playing Sims 3 again ever since I installed it on my niece's iPad. She's only 6 and her mother told me her Sim didn't have any money as her job was too low paying and she always woke up late (I assumed she got fired). So she started running low on cash.

She had to go to random strangers house and eat from their fridge. This of course made her a lot enemies. I checked her friends list and she had no friends except she was dating a married dude. I told her mother and her grandmother and they had a good laugh.

So I taught her how to fish and sell it for cash. A few days later I checked her sim and she had 7000 plus in cash! All from just fishing. Her mother told her niece told her no need to work, just stay at home and catch fish. Hahaha, I think she's definitely learning the wrong lessons in life from the game.

I told catch fish first then make friends later. So she never bothered to make any friends. I make one of enemy into her best friend through chatting so at least she has one friend now.

Anyway... After seeing all the fun she had, I started playing it again on my notebook. I created a 'zen' cheat sim. He had loads of cash and stayed at home perfecting his skills. He didn't make any friends and was a loner. The only people he knew was the maid he hired.

One day, the aim when to the gym to test the mood machine on random people and I zapped this one chic on the treadmill and before I could runaway she came over and screwed me for doing it.

That pissed my sim of. So I changed my Sim's life goal from being a zen master to a serial killer. His mission was now to kill the whole town.

However, killing Sims is harder than I thought. I invited the chick I hated over to play chess but it was actually a trap and walled her into a room upstairs. I build a room next to hers and started a stove fire and tore the wall down so she would die in the fire but she kept putting out the fire, even when I blocked her of with furnitures.

Two neighbors I never met came to help to put out the fire too but since they saw my dungeon I had to invite them into the trap too.

After awhile the first one starved and died. Death came for her and I made friends with him. Couldn't trap him because he can teleport. Now I have two more prisoners to kill!... After that, the whole town!

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Anonymous said...

I'm new at playing the Sims 3. I read what you did after a friend told me you could be a serial killer in the sims. What do I need?
I didn't get the 'zen' stuff...