Thursday, July 10, 2008

today was the second time I when to see the doctor in my office for my sore troat problem. This time she put me on antibiotics. I should have just started the antibiotic when offered me two days ago. Being stubborn I thought it'll go away but its always the same. I get a sore troat then a running nose followed by a bad cough. I'll be like that for 2 weeks before I get well. This is terrible.

The medication makes me sleepy and I'm a zombie at work. Don't feel like talking to anyone at work. All I want to do is just lie down somewhere and doze of.

I'm using the free wifi at one utama now. Just had lunch at the chicken rice shop. Not only do I have a soretroat, I have a
soretroat in the back my mouth. Irritating pain.

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