Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Me and Mahathir

Interviewing Mahathir

Does this mean I'm now in league with Mahathir or does it just mean I have a picture with him?

I had the opportunity to film a private interview with Tun Dr. Mahathir at the Perdana Leadership Foundation. He was nice enough to oblige me with a picture. It doesn't mean he knows me well, it just means I have a picture with him.

Taking a picture at a location or with someone just means you were there at the same time as the other person. It doesn't say whats your relationship is.

How do you like the huge ass watermark? I'm still learning how to get the watermark right here...


sensei said...

HAHAHA.. good one..
Faced a similar situation (but in a smaller scale) when trying to explain my pic with one of your popular TV personality friends at a Men's magazine party a couple of years back.. :P

You should have put your hands around Tun and pose with a 'peace' sign..

Sim said...

The watermark is very distracting and a bit kiasu lah. I would get rid of the (c) and even shrink the luxen.blogspot.com a little and tuck it down by the bottom. Doesn't stop people from copying and editing out the watermark, but it looks a lot better and most pic thieves don't really go to that extent.

KittyCat said...

Cool pic! I'd love to take a photo with him if I could, regardless of all the smut that's out there on him. In the end, he REALLY did put Malaysia on the map :-)

luxen said...

its not too hard to take a picture with him. Just turn up at any function he's attending and ask for a picture. He'll oblige most of the time. He's like a superstar already.