Thursday, July 24, 2008

Broken car key

In my office, we have a jockey service. There are more cars with parking stickers than parking space, so its first come first serve. Those who can't get a parking spot, have to use the jockey service and they'll double park the cars next to the other cars.

So far I've used the service without problem, until today. They called me and told me that my car key broke off inside the car door lock. I was shocked, it must have taken quite a lot of force to actually break of the key in the damn lock.

I was pissed, I've used the car for so long and I've never broken the key before. They must have been really rough with the door lock. I had to drive to the mechanic and change the lock. I took the old lock back and after using two paper clips, I managed to pull out the broken part of the key. I drove back to the mechanic to ask if they can still put in the old lock. He said the old lock was damaged already. It wouldn't turn fully and it might jam the next time. I think they must have turned the key so hard it jammed the lock when it broke inside.

Now I have 3 keys. One for the ignition; the driver side car door lock; and one more car door key for passenger, booth and fuel tank. One more extra key to put in the pocket. Damn!

They only gave me one key for the new lock, I better go make a spare ASAP before I loose it.


Isabel said...

Hey my name Isabel. I live in Colorado. In the USA. I happened to google about my broken car key and it brought me to your page. I read some of your blogs and thought they were hilarious! The weird phone call was anyway. It's true what you said about suffering. You seem like a great guy! Congrats on your marriage! You should look me up sometime . Chach is a nickname my family has called me since I was a little girl. :)

Holly said...

It doesn't take a lot of force to break a car key in the door lock. You shouldn't blame the service workers because it wasn't their fault. When a key is used a lot, it gets old and cracks, making it less sturdy and easy to break when turning it in the lock. If you had parked your own car, you probably would have broken it yourself.