Sunday, July 06, 2008

Funny Thailand TV commercials

If you ever seen TV commercials from other countries, you'll see the vast difference in the creativity, especially in the humor used. So far I think Thailand and Indonesia has some of the funniest commercials in the region, the Thai's being the most creative.

Lately I've been watching some Thai commercials on my Iphone through Youtube out of boredom and almost every one that I watch made me laugh really hard. Here's one that was really funny. Surpringly its for a facial wash product. Really funny.

It's 4 long commercials edited into one long take. By the way, this video repeats itself twice. Not sure why the guy edited it like that.

The lady who sells the product is really funny, she's also in their other adverts as a repeating character. Here are some of the others in the series.



"Brand X"

"Everyday Use"


"Boring face"

This one doesn't have any subtitles but it made me go WTF?!

No subtitle here also but this is cute

This one is not the Smooth E brand, its totally different but it's really funny... yougurt hahaha

This one I think is the funniest.

This one is the best I think, the song is really catchy. It's not really funny but the song sticks in my head.

There are a whole lot of other funny Thai commercials in youtube you can check out on your own. Unlike in Malaysia, we hardly ever surf the internet to find a commercial, we rather avoid it.

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