Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's a quiet Sunday night. Didn't go out the whole evening. It was raining the whole day... with only a short break of sunlight closer to the evening. I took a drive to Jalan Ipoh to see second hand furniture. It was a warehouse where they sold old furnitures from hotels. These guys buy the furniture from hotels around Asia like Hong Kong. They're solid wood and going for less than RM200 for a writing table. Awsome. I could use one of those as a computer table in the apartment next time.

Me and Chui Yan when to Azizah's house for her Hari Raya open house. Her house is just a block away so we walked over. She had really spicy Laksa and I could only eat 2 bites. Chui Yan enjoyed the laksa. I think next time, I'm going to have problems when she starts cooking spicy food.

I came home to watch the news to see how the protest march by Bersih when. I waited for Buletin Utama but their lead story wasn't even about it. In fact, the two readers didn't even do a lead in for it. Strange... I think the editor didn't want to glorify the protest... so I switched to the other news channel. RTM strange enough gave it quite a lot of coverage. They even had angry Zam, the information minister and boss of RTM's excerpt interview on Al-Jazeera. He was raving like a lunatic at the anchor during a phone interview. Trying to tear her a new asshole. It was quite humorous.

8TV had one of their female reporters all drenched from the rain doing a standupper. I didn't speak mandarin but it was in front of the Istana Negara. I assumed it was about them handing in their note to the Istana officials.

All the other news had it as their lead news story. TV3 only had it in their second block which is usually reserved for less important news. Anyway, TV3's news was slightly more informative then the rest of the other channels. No raving Zam. Lots of interesting visuals of protestors getting water gunned by the FRU's.

I personally don't support street protest. I agree with the police rationale for not giving them a permit. If you wanted to hand in a note to the palace official, you only need 10. Having a protest creates inconvenience to others. It can also dangerously spiral into chaos.

Plus this guys don't really know palace ethics. You want to meet the Agong and you encourage everyone to wear yellow? Don't they know that only the royalties can wear yellow? You want something and you want to do it rudely. Doesn't make sense. Is the situation in Malaysia that desperate until it requires mass protest? Or are they doing this just because there is a general election around the corner?

I'm okay with Bersih's 4 demands. Not too keen on the ink on the finger during voting demand just because it's icky. I don't want some wierd ink on my finger for days that I can't wash of. What if the person's handicap with no fingers? They're going to blot ink on the guy's face?

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