Saturday, November 10, 2007

I just had a revelation. 3 of the movies that had some of the biggest impact on me were by the same directors, The Farrelly Brothers.

It started first with "Dumb and Dumber", then "There's Something About Mary" and finally "Shallow Hal". All the movies have their lead female character named Mary. They all had toilet humor and "There's Something About Mary" and "Shallow Hal" was about self discovery.

I just finished watching Shallow Hal on TV. I was surprised TV3 actually showed it. They cut out a lot of the stuff, even just putting black on air with the audio. It was some pretty wierd censorship... but the jokes were still funny from when I remembered it. I was laughing out of my seat watching it alone in my room.

I like the moral of the story in Shallow Hal... look at someone's inner beauty. At work, I work with many physically good looking people. After awhile, you get jaded and just see them for who they really are. Watching Shallow Hal again reminded me of the first time I watched it. I was still single and it struck a cord in me. I reminded me to find true love like in the movie... I guess I did. I found someone I love... and she looks way better too!

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