Thursday, November 22, 2007

All my bags and I'm ready to go...

I'm going to Kota Bahru tomorrow for 3 days. I'll be attending a wedding there with Chui Yan. I'm bringing along my camera equipment. I can't bring everything since I'll be flying Air Asia. I would love to bring all my lighting equipment but I just have to make do with my DC light and one battery pack.

The one thing I am definitely going to bring along is my new Manfrotto tripod. I spend the whole morning adding a padding to the bag I got for free for the tripod. I bought two rolls of those foam padding from the camping section in Giant. It's something people use to lay their sleeping bags on before sleeping.

I had to measure and cut the foam and fit it into the bag. Its all held together with duct tape. Not exactly an ideal way to do it but it'll do for now. Suprisingly, duct tape holds really well to the foam. Originally, I was going to stitch the foam together but I think that will just tear it. So duct tape it is!

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