Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm going to Bali from Monday to Thursday. I've never been there before. It's all for work, not for leisure. I'm trying not to spend any money at all over there. I'm instead saving my money to buy a Manfrotto tripod. It's about RM800.

Anyway, I looked up the hotel I'm going to be staying at with my colleagues, it's called Novotel Benoa Bali. It's on a small peninsula near the airport. I looked it up in google earth.

Now, if anything should happen to me, you know where to find me! My handphone will be on international roaming, I had it activated with Maxis yesterday. I don't expect to receive any calls as it's RM5 a minute. Receiving SMS's are free though. Maybe the most I'll do is chat online in yahoo. That'll be free... if I can find internet access at the hotel.

I have to bring the company's projector, laptop and camera with tripod. So that's like extra 4 carry on that I have to bring. I sure hope everyone else helps me carry the items. It's going to be damn heavy if I have to carry everything on my own!

My mother say's it volcano season there and I should bring along my inhalor and mask. Hrmm... now she's got me worried. Well, might as well bring along a lifejacket for tsunami's and also an armored vest for terrorist attack right? There goes packing light...

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