Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tiger, tiger, burning bright

Sometimes in the office I make the most obscure joke and see how long it takes for people to get it. I was sitting down chatting with Azean and Azizah today and Azean commented on my thumb drive that was orange with black tiger stripe prints on it. I put my hand on my hips and said, "yeah, it matches my outfit". They both looked at me and my blue jeans and my grey shirt and I just grinned at them. I waited a second before I said, "you can't see it because I'm not wearing it outside" and then we all burst out laughing. I then quickly pulled up the leg of my pants to reveal my black socks and said, "I was going to say my socks but you all had a better mental picture in your head" and we all had an even bigger laugh. Hehe... hrmm, well that was basically the only high point of the day really.

Normally I don't mind courting controversy. Previously Harakah Daily questioned my motives for discussing Syariah Family Law on the show (they didn't know my name or who was producing that day). A few days ago, we talked about bisexuality on air. The psychologists emphasized that homosexuality and bisexuality was not a psychological disorder. They classify it as more of a personality trait. For example, one can be an introvert; extrovert; someone who is happy go lucky or just... gay. A few days later someone wrote to the Utusan saying that we were encouraging society to accept homosexuality and questioned whether all religions should accept homosexuality as it was still a sin. The guy then when of tangent and critisized the liberals in the country.

I was going to reply only the first 3 questions the guy had and not the other stuff that he started ranting about. The guy's ranting was only fit for a conservative Malay's ear which I won't repeat here. First of all, one can't really argue with science that much. The psychologist was giving his expert opinion. Ethics in religion would always differ from science. It may not be classified as a deviant behavior but religion can classify it as a sin. In Malaysia, we practice western medication and they do not have the same moral values shared by conservatives.

Another example would be the use of pigs in medicine. Vaccines made from pigs and also trial surgeries of pig liver transplant to human is totally against Muslim believes but acceptable to other people.

Anyway, we didn't want to make the situation worst by replying the guy on air. We just let it slide. National unity before pride... that sort of thing you know.`

I personally do not see homosexuality and bisexuality as a deviant behaviour. I still believe in one of Buddha's precept that one should avoid sexual misconduct. My definition of sexual misconduct would be sexual activity that would hurt others. Homosexual couples who do not harm anyone (including their family members and themselves) are perfectly okay in my mind. The same goes for someone who is a homosexual in power. As long as they don't abuse their power or force their views on me, that's okay (unless you're a former deputy prime minister... now that's a different story all together).

Anyway, I'll end this blog with a joke I read once. Jeremy finds himself in hell and trembling quietly in the corner wondering what hellish torture awaits him. A huge sized demon walks up to him with a smile and says "hey dude, how you doing? First time here? Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think!". Jeremy looks up trembling at the demon and stammers and ask, "w-what do you mean it's not as bad as you think? I'm in hell! I've been punished for my sins!". The demon says, "dude, look... in hell, you get to do all the sins and since you're already in hell, it can't get any worst". Jeremy's optimism is beginning to peak as the demon starts explaining more. "Hey, you like drinking?". Jeremy nods his head, "sure". The demon says, "oh, then you'll love Monday, that's our drink till you keel over day. How about sex with loose women?". Jeremy smiles and says "yes!". The demon says, "Ah, then you'll like Tuesday. How about smoking pot? and surfing for porn?" Jeremy by now is nodding his head excitedly. The demon pauses and ask, "oh yeah, do you like anal sex?". Jeremy stops and says, "errr... nope". The demon sighs and then says "oh, you're going to hate Fridays here."

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