Thursday, December 21, 2006

T Shake
I was standing outside my office trying to get a Maxis line and I looked at the guardhouse and saw this chick getting into a sports car and driving pass me. As the car came near I was thinking, "hrmm, who's this hottie driving this yellow sports car?". The car slowed down and the window when down and lo and behold it was Hannah Tan.
She was here for a press conference so I chatted with her while she was doing her hair in the makeup room. We talked about her new album, her personal life and the people we knew. I haven't seen her in a few months. She's such a sweet gal and it's too bad most guys don't see beyond her cleavage.

Hannah changed her phone number because she started getting wierd calls. I told her I called her old number once and it had a Jay Chou ringtone. Some chinese dude picked it up and said I had the wrong number and didn't knew who Hannah was... I should have said, "eh, Hannah lar... the Hannah Tan from FHM magazine, don't know ah?" haha. Poor guy, must have been getting a lot of wierd calls ever since he got that number.
Anyway, Hannah's been busy promoting her album. She's even got her fan club website (she's now know as Hannah T, branding lar babe). She got some really sexy pictures of her in a white bikini. You'll have to see her website to see what it looks like.

Hannah showing of her new album. Check out the sexy pose on the cover!

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sensei said...

Nose bleed! Nose bleed! :~P