Thursday, March 10, 2011

TM service disruption

Today, I woke up and found the Streamyx internet dead. The DSL light was stable so I figured the fault must have been on TM's side.

I had to look up their number on the iphone's 3G connection as I knew if I called 100 they would just redirect me. When I reached their automated service and keyed in my phone number, the automated voice said there was a service disruption in my area.

me: I would like to lodge a complaint, I can't access the internet.
TM.Net: okay sir, we checked and there is a major service disruption in your area.
me: okay, how long before service is restored?
TM.NET: they would have to lay new cables so it would take about 2 weeks...
me: WHAT?!!!
TM.NET: erm, maybe 1 week like that...
me: okay, I want a rebate. Please give me a complaint number
TM.NET: Okay sir, your number is XXXXXX. Maybe after 1 day the service will be restored. They will call you to let you know.

So from 2 weeks of service disruption down to 1 day? Okay. Their estimates are waaaaay of.

Now I'm down to tethering my iphone to surf. I only have a 1G allowance and I probably used up half of it already. Damn it.

LOL, this is damn funny. After I wrote this, I disconnected my iphone's tethering and connected back to my wifi and lo and behold, my internet was back up!

So now, the service disruption when down from 2 weeks to a few hours!

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