Sunday, January 16, 2011

Internal monologues

You probably wouldn't like me if you hear my internal monologues. When I talk to myself, I say the most un-PC (politically correct) thing which I find really funny... well, to me anyway since I like my own sense of humour.

Just today, I was in the elevator and this family with a small girl about 2 years old walks in. After they stepped out and as the door was closing, the girl waved bye to me and smiled. I waved back and smiled back at her.

Then the voice in my head said "oh, as cute as a monkey".

"A monkey!? What? Where did that come from?". There I was, comparing someone's daughter to a monkey. I couldn't hold it in and started laughing.

Mind you, these conversations take place in an instant so before the door closer, I bursted out laughing. The girl's last sight of me was probably me waving at her and smiling and then laughing. Good thing I was the last one in the elevator.

So if you ever see me laughing or smiling to myself, I must have heard something funny in my head... only I can't tell you what it is. It's probably about you... you cute little monkey.

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