Monday, January 31, 2011

Even animals don't do that!

You know how sometimes you read about child abuse cases and then hear people say "So cruel, even animals don't do that to their young!". Well, that is so untrue. Read the story below from The Star.

Tiger mum picks the best

JOHOR BARU: The law of the jungle applies even in the zoo – a tigress ate three of her newborn cubs at the Johor Zoo here recently.

The seven-year old tigress, Juli, gave birth to four cubs on Saturday, but the joy of the zoo personnel was short-lived when she killed and ate three of the cubs in the following two days.

Zoo chief assistant secretary On Jabbar said the tigress could have eaten her cubs for several reasons, including the cubs’ health and physical condition.

Three of the cubs looked feeble and one had a limp before they were killed by the mother,” he told journalists when met at the zoo here, adding that a tigress would also kill its cubs if instinct told it that the cubs would not have a chance to reach adulthood.

On said this was the third time that 100kg Juli gave birth in captivity after mating with Jeli, weighing 150kg.

She also ate her litter after giving birth in 2006 and 2008.

He said the zoo was hoping that Juli would spare her remaining cub, which he said would be separated from Juli when it is about six to 12 months old.

Here's a picture of Juli

So... in the wild, animals are all about survival. However, don't get me wrong. I'm not condoning child abuse. I'm just saying that even animals can be vicious by the standards we humans apply to ourselfs. In the animal worlds, there are no morals.

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