Thursday, August 20, 2009

Proton Saga fuel economy

I just want to share my experience with my new Proton Saga (auto). Just reached my first 1000KM, going to send to service.

I read some reviews about the bad fuel economy of the car. This is my experience.

First few hundred KM, I drove just around PJ. A lot of stop go traffic, very little highway. I found that the fuel economy after 3 tanks full average about 7.5KM/Liter or about 250KM per every full tank I pump in (about 35L every time I pump).

That's really bad compared to my old car, Nissan Sunny. My old Nissan sunny which I traded in for this car could get 11KM/L in city driving conditions. For every 35L I put in, I could get at least 400KM in city driving.

Two days ago, I drove the Proton Saga to Ipoh and back from PJ on the North-South Highway. Average speed between 110KM/H-140KM/H. I found the car very stable, even in very heavy rain. Tyres and suspension were good. No vibration at high speed and even in the heavy rain.

The fuel economy for highway driving was 11KM/L. So, that was a much better improvement than the city driving consumption.

I think the reason why this car uses so much fuel in city driving is because of the auto transmission and the soft gas pedal. The RPM shoots up to 4 when you depress it half the way.

I've changed my driving style, previously, I tend to drive slow. Now I tend to drive faster. I find that the fuel economy is much better when you drive faster, when the auto transmission changes to the higher gears. Previously, I drove just under 50KM/H in city driving. Now I try to get the auto transmission to change to the highest gear as soon as possible by accelerating steadily by keeping the RPM at 2.5-3.

Monday I have my first 1000KM service. I'll see what the technician says.


dol_campers said...

Thanks for the tips..

天真岁月人增寿 said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

horrible man, what a horror horse rider, i never try the car yet and ever. from the comments,,,... i dont know true or not. i am using the 1995-1996 bmw E36 328i, M52B28 engine, 6-cylinder, 2.8L , aluminum alloy engine block, fuel injection, single VANOS, Automatic Transmission, mod, tuned, correction done by myself, when running at city with heavy traffic, lots of traffic light, slow driving, i run it one day for 52.4KM with full load passenger, i top up the fuel tank for between RM20-RM30 in second day using petronas Ron95, if traffic jamm too much top-up RM30, that mean 1 liter (RM1.90) about 10KM, driving for 2-2.5 HOUR daily

Anonymous said...

horrible la, the Porsche 918 (hybrid) got 730HP (engine + motor) fuel rate at 3 LITER per 100KM

luxen said...

Anonymous, that's really not an accurate way to count fuel consumption. To make a better comparison, note down how many KM travelled between each fuel tank.

If you can afford a porsche 918, please buy one.

Current owners of Proton Saga BLM have their reasons for buying it, mine is for the price.

Anonymous said...

the anonymous is JOKERACTS, you check the video at youtube, search for JOKERACTS. I am chinese man.

is that true? the latest SAGA run 11KM/L at highway? you driving by keeping the rpm at 2500-3000RPM?

my 1995-1996 bmw E36 328i, M52B28 engine, 6-cylinder, DOHC, Timing chain, 2.8L , aluminum alloy engine block, fuel injection, single VANOS, Automatic Transmission, castrol sport edge 10W60 engine lubricator, castrol LSX differential lubricator, front wheels with continental sport contact 215/45 R17 tyre, rear wheels with continental sport contact 5 245/40 R17 tyre, mod, tuned, correction done by myself

with full load passenger in traffic jamm/slow traffic, traffic light, junction, round about, my car run at 1000-2500RPM

one of the basic principle:
wider tyre/wheels = better grip, better stopping power, better power transfer to the road, better energy efficientcy,

all is about money, the parts installed once last for several year.

Anonymous said...

My 2009 proton saga can ONLY drive 240kms with RM60 :(
Toyota Altis can drive 400kms with RM80.
Buy Perodua or Japanese brand car.