Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya clear night sky

Tonight is just an amazing night. The sky is so clear, the air is fresh and there's a wonderful breeze. I spend the evening taking some night pictures. On the east side of my apartment, I can see KLCC and KL Tower from the fire escape.

Wonderful sight. I used a long exposure to capture both photos.

In the photo above, you can even see a bright star (I think it could be a planet) shining brightly above. Just click on the picture to see a bigger and clearer one.

I think everyone in the Klang Valley is starting to appreciate the cleaner air now that the haze has cleared up (for now anyway). We're all just starting to appreciate things that we took for granted.


Bandmom said...

I agree with you..beautiful sky. I wonder if that star is planet Saturn.

Bandmom said...

You are right...beautiful sky. Wonder if that star is Saturn.

Bandmom said...

Beautiful sky..is that Saturn?