Thursday, January 11, 2007

First time I'm blogging from the office. It's after office hours, so I don't feel so guilty doing this. It has been an interesting morning. Yesterday I asked my General Manager to write a referral letter for me for my scholarship application. This morning when I came to work and opened my e-mail, I read the letter he wrote for me. My first reaction I think was having my face turn red. He really wrote a glowing letter about me.

I wrote a reply to his e-mail

wow, is that me? Anyway, thanks.


A few minutes later, he replied my e-mail with this

30% of what I said is the language used to recommend someone for something, the rest is youlahhh.

I had a good laugh, basically what he's saying is "1/3 bullshit, the rest is real". I won't reveal the contents of the referral letter here until the scholarship committee has read it.

I also asked my CEO if he could write one for me. He didn't have the time, so ended up asking my GM to help my CEO to write on my behalf again.

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sensei said...

So you're leaving 'the biggest TV station in Malaysia' to futher your studies... tak risau ke? hihi.. Anyways, congrats! ;)